Volunteer Profile: Bob

volunteer profile bob

Anyone who has ever met Bob will comment on just how nice and friendly he is, and his passion for helping others and working with Volunteering Gold Coast is evident. That level of enthusiasm and eagerness is just what we love to see in our volunteers. Bob has a history of volunteering and started volunteering … Read more

Volunteer Profile: Kerry Templeton

volunteer profile kerry

Kerry is no stranger to volunteering, in fact, she’s been volunteering for close to forty years! Starting with volunteering at her kids’ schools, helping with their sports teams, and any fundraising or community events — she loves to volunteer and simply can’t get enough of it. Kerry also has volunteered with Volunteering Gold Coast for … Read more

Volunteer Profile: Phil

volunteer profile phil

Quick-witted and resourceful you might have seen Phil previously sitting up the front at our reception. Three days a week Phil dedicates his time to volunteering at Volunteering Gold Coast as one of our handy receptionists. With the important role of being the first face, you see when you walk through our doors Phil takes … Read more

International Women’s Day 2022

international women's day 2022

Today we celebrate women and all their amazing achievements. This year join us and be a part of the movement and #BreaktheBias for this year’s International Women’s Day.  Imagine a gender-equal world. A world that is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. And where difference is valued … Read more

Australia Clean Up Day

australia cleanup day 2022

Litter in our environment is at an all-time high thanks to covid-19 The 6th of March is Australia Clean Up Day and historically, household waste generation per capita has been gradually declining, but unfortunately, COVID-19 has reversed this trend. With the rise of covid, the increase of online shopping, take out containers and face masks … Read more

Drivers like Tony are what makes our Volunteer Drivers so important

volunteer driver profile tony inns

Drivers are very important for our organisation as we rely on volunteers for transporting our clients to their various appointments. This is why we are particularly grateful for Tony’s dedication and support. Tony has been volunteering to drive with us for over 11 years. Such an amazing achievement! Tony Inns is one of Volunteering Gold … Read more

Combat Loneliness with our Community Visitor Scheme

combat loneliness with our community visitor scheme

We’re so excited to introduce our Community Visitor Scheme program. We know that isolation and loneliness are huge problems, especially in the elderly years. This is something we feel we can really make a difference with. Let’s face it, we’re all a phone call away from our nearest and dearest. But how many of us … Read more

Random Acts of Kindness Day: Ways you can bring a smile to someone’s face

random acts of kindness

Have you ever stopped to smell flowers, give someone a compliment, or be kind for no reason? I bet you have, but how did it make you feel? The answer may surprise you; research has shown that being kind is actually good for your health. That sounds pretty cool if you ask us.   Here … Read more

How Volunteering can help the Community

Volunteering can have many benefits with data supporting it can increase your self-esteem, wellbeing and add purpose to your life and others. Therefore, this also can leave a positive impact on the people around. So how exactly does volunteering help the community? Build connections to develop stronger relationships They say happy people make other people … Read more