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Beach Cleanup and Mindfulness Morning Recap

Thank you to over 70 people who came out on Saturday morning to help cleanup our Gold Coast beaches despite the early morning rain-showers. We could not have done it without all of you! Together we have made an incredible difference.

On Saturday 17th September we hosted our Beach Cleanup and Mindfulness Morning in collaboration with Selfawear with the help of Humpbacks & High-Rises, and Whitney Geoghegan. It was great to see so many people turn up to do their part for their community and environment whilst repping some awesome tees! There was something pretty special about seeing so many people turn up and want to help. It was also great to see everyone in their limited edition Selfawear tees that promote giving back by volunteering. With over 70 people wearing the tee we definitely made quite a statement.

After a quick explanation from Olaf and his team at Humpbacks & High-Rises, everyone spent the next 35-40minutes collecting rubbish from the coastline and around Doug Jennings Park. What can seem like a clean area when you first lay eyes on it actually turned up over 43kg of rubbish- and that was just in 40 minutes! Thanks to the help of Olaf and his team (Sav, Holly and Georgia) for counting and organising all the rubbish collected and giving us an insightful look at the impact rubbish can have in our oceans.

With just 40 minutes over 43 kg of rubbish was collected, in total there were over 2760 items catalogued with that including close to 1000 cigarette butts, 278 plastic food packaging, 167 hard and solid plastic, 45 aluminium cans and interesting items like watches, car keys and dog bedding! This really goes to show that even areas and spaces that look clean can actually be home to plenty of rubbish pollution. We hope that this inspires people to be aware of depositing their rubbish correctly and if they see any rubbish when they’re out to pick it up and put it in the bin.

We finished a successful morning of cleanup with a mindfulness and breathwork session with Whitney who got us to reflect and de-stress by focusing on controlling our breaths. Breathwork is a stress-reduction technique that brings physical relaxation and peace of mind. Breathing is a great free tool that we can utilise whenever we need to so it was great to learn how we can effectively use it.

We again would like to thank everyone for coming! We are amazed by the effort everyone put in. We know there will be many people, who may have had their first time volunteering on Saturday, that now plan to come back and volunteer again.

It was a great feeling seeing all that rubbish removed from our beautiful coastline! This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of everyone who came along which makes us feel even more proud of what we did! Thank you to everyone that attended and everyone that helped make this morning a success!

If you missed out but would love to contribute to volunteering, 100% of the limited edition Selfawear tee sales go to helping Volunteering programs on the Gold Coast:
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