Covid-19 Community Support

What we are doing to support the most vulnerable and isolated during these extraordinary times

Volunteering Gold Coast has launched new initiatives to directly meet the needs of people on the Gold Coast – especially those who are most vulnerable, and most at risk of being isolated due to diminished services and supports.

Our Initiatives

High Risk Patient Transport Service

In partnership with Queensland Health, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service and City of Gold Coast.  This service provides isolated transportation for people who require testing for COVID-19.  Armed with stringent training and PPE from Queensland Health’s Public Health Unit, Volunteering Gold Coast supports enables people to access the Virus testing stations and fever clinics across the Gold Coast, and returns them safely to their homes.

Welfare Check Ins

The commencement of a number of social distancing programs including a volunteer calling program to provide regular welfare check ups and help prevent feelings of loneliness and disconnection during isolation.

We have also commenced a pen pal program where volunteers can write notes and letters to older Australians and NDIS participants currently in isolation. 

Delivery Service

An array of services for people who are unable to leave their home:
– Pick-up and drop-off of medications from Pharmacies.
– Grocery deliveries to alleviate reduced deliveries from supermarkets.
– Packaging of food and staple hampers, and delivery to people in need
– Uptake of homeless services which were forced to close, and the provision of weekly meals to people who are homeless or transient.

Transport Service Expansion

Expansion of individual and isolated transport services to ensure continuation of services for people who require Renal or Oncology treatments. 

Home Care Expansion

Expansion of in-home cleaning and other practical services, using staff who are trained in the use of personal protective equipment to prevent spread of COVID-19

Let Us Help You

Our teams of staff and volunteers are hugely invested in connecting communities and we will make anything possible. If you are looking for assistance, please call us on 07 5526 0688 or simply fill out the form on the right. 

We are actively partnering with local organisations to meet the needs of the already vulnerable people, who are likely to be even more vulnerable now.  If there are charities on the Gold Coast that need assistance, please call us. We are here to help, now more than ever

Contact Details

Do you need someone to get groceries for you, collect medicine from the pharmacy? Or do you simply just want someone to speak to while you're stuck at home? We are here to help.

Government Resources 

Covid-19 Hotline

For extra support and updates about the Coronavirus, you can contact the QLD Governments helpline on 1800 173 349 or visit the QLD Government Website.

VIDEO: Supporting Older Australians during the Coronavirus

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