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Elanora State High School Profile

The Power of Volunteering Clubs: Inspiring Change at Elanora State High School

Get ready to dive into the incredible world of Elanora State High School’s clubs! From the passionate Elanora Environmentalists who are all about making the planet greener to The Mentors who focus on well-being and comfort, and the compassionate Leo’s Club supporting local charities, these clubs are making waves. Join us as we explore their inspiring initiatives, from massive clean-up days and movie festivals to pyjamas days and bake sales. Together, they’re showing how students can make a real difference in their community and beyond. Get ready to be inspired by the unstoppable power of these clubs at Elanora State High School!

VGC: What types of volunteering opportunities are available at your school?

Elanora: Elanora State High School boasts a trio of vibrant clubs that bring excitement and purpose to campus life. First up, we have the Elanora Environmentalists, a group of passionate students dedicated to preserving our planet. They take charge of organizing grand events like the school-wide Clean Up Australia Day and the captivating Plastic Free July movie festival. With their infectious enthusiasm, they rally fellow students to lend a hand, both in promoting these events and actively participating on the big days.

Next in line are The Mentors, a diverse group of students ranging from the Year 8s to the Year 12s. This dynamic club orchestrates a variety of engaging activities to enhance the well-being of our school community. Picture blissful Wellbeing Picnics, cozy Pyjamas Days, and delicious Bake Sales, all designed to raise funds. The proceeds go towards obtaining essential items for our school and the Wellbeing Department, transforming our learning environment into a haven of comfort.

Last but certainly not least, we have the extraordinary Leo’s Club. Supported by ‘The Tallebudgera Lions Club’, these remarkable students take on the noble task of fundraising for local charities throughout the year. Their primary stage for action is the renowned Burleigh Bunnings BBQs, where they tirelessly collect funds. In April alone, their efforts benefitted two deserving organizations: ‘The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation’ and ‘The Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation’, both receiving an equal share of the proceeds. The club’s members, currently spanning from Year 10 to Year 12, have already accomplished remarkable feats this year. They fearlessly organised and executed the impactful ‘Shave for A Cure’ event and spearheaded the inspiring Make a Difference Week. A school-driven endeavour spanned an entire week, during which students rallied together to collect donations for various charitable causes close to their hearts.

From May 8th to 12th, the campus buzzed with excitement as students sought approval, reached out to charities, and plastered the walls with vibrant posters in support of their chosen causes. This year’s lineup included exceptional charities like MND (Motor Neuron Disease), which received a generous sum of approximately $450 on the fun ‘Free Dress Day.’ Another initiative, in collaboration with ‘You Have a Friend,’ involved the collection of canned foods, which students skillfully transformed into meals for those in need. Moreover, the club extended its support to ‘The Sanctuary Women’s Children’s and Pet Refuge,’ where they provided colouring-in books and essential items for women and children. Not forgetting our furry friends, they also contributed tinned and dry pet food to assist Friends of the Pound in nourishing animals under their care. Lastly, the students rallied behind a remarkable local charity, Super Max and Bryce, by selling socks and scarves to raise funds for creating turtle lights, a comforting presence for children undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals (also VGC’s 2021 Youth Volunteer of the Year winner).


What are the benefits of volunteering for your students?

These opportunities allow students to apply for Leadership positions within the school, such as School Captain, House Captain, and clubs such as Leo’s and Mentors have positions students can nominate and be elected for. Students have gone on from volunteering to be selected for other opportunities and encouraged to lead within the school. The joy of giving and helping for some students is obvious, it isn’t a large group of students but a committed and focused group within the school.

How does volunteering at your school benefit the community and the school itself?

It creates new opportunities, we have been able to have students do Work Experience, invite charities such as ‘You have a Friend’ to our Elanora Community Connect breakfasts at our school and support them through social media.


Why should students get involved in volunteering? Or what would you tell someone who is thinking of doing it?

When asking the students they said, “Why not, giving to someone else is rewarding and creates hope and happiness for others”.


It’s great to see students embracing volunteering and that by participating they know they are making a real impact in the lives of those in need but also learn the values of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility. If you would like to know more about youth volunteering visit our website and to read more about Elanora State High School you can visit their website here. 

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