September 23, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Workshop For Members - Social Media & Blogging

When your success depends on participation in community, events, donations, volunteering & service outreach; Social Media savvy skills are essential.

This workshop will highlight some of the key social media trends that have proven success and that connects to your audience with the message that your organisation is working towards.
Our Guest Speaker Mitzi, is a talented, freelance social media manager. Her extensive array of social media marketing experience and strategic guidance will shake-up and grow your brand awareness. Mitzi has extensive experience in leading global businesses, and is the founder of Martini Marketing, a boutique local marketing agency. The techniques she applies maximise the community impact of Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Channel Engagement and Content Creation.

This workshop will cover 3 key areas:
* Social Media 101 – an overview of each channel and how it can help your organisation grow
* Why blogging is the most underrated marketing activity
* Five tips to perfect your customer emails

Take away the skills that Mitzi will share with you to sharpen your social media marketing strategy and be invigorated by a fresh approach to engaging with your audience.

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