Gold Coast Volunteer Awards Nominations

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Nominations Close 5pm 12 October 2021

Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year acknowledges an individual who has made a significant contribution through their volunteer efforts and exemplifies what the power of volunteerism can have on the wider community.

Youth Volunteer of the Year

Youth Volunteer of the year goes to a special volunteer aged 18 and under who has made a substantial influence to the community through volunteering and through giving back has become a leading example for future generations.

Community Organisation of the Year

This award recognises one organisation whose sole purpose is to create impact and support the community. We want to hear the benefits that your organisation has had on the community and how you utilise volunteers to sustain this.    

Community Project of the Year

The Gold Coast Community project award acknowledges volunteer led projects which aim to benefit the community. The project needs to be something that is planned and implemented within the current organisation club or community committee, rather than an organisation going about doing their day to day operations.

Are you helping to clean the environment, providing support for the homeless, people with disabilities or other marginalised groups? We want to hear about the project you have organised and what impact it has had on the community.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative of the Year

Has your organisation implemented a Diversity & Inclusion Initiative? Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces is one way organisations have contributed to society. Organisations are increasingly aware of the impact of inclusion and also now appreciate that having diverse staff, customers and stakeholders leads to sustainable competitive edge.

We want to hear about the Diversity and Inclusion initiative you have implemented in your workplace and the positive impact it has had on your organisation. 

Corporate Social Impact Award

Now more than ever, corporate organisations are understanding the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and implementing initiatives to contribute to employee well-being and the community. Implementing these type of programs helps organisations build brand reputation within a community and helps the organisation to identify as an employer of choice for future employees.   

What steps has your organisation taken to create social impact? It can be anything from a staff volunteering program to a partnership with a local charity.

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