Our Life Members

Pat Anderson

Life Member

The late Pat Anderson volunteered for almost 10 years’ in the Transport Services division of Volunteering Gold Coast, retiring in 2013.

Working as a volunteer Administration Assistant for almost 5 years Pat was critical in the initial set up of the Transport Services.

For a further 5 years, she performed a paid Administration Officer role, while still continuing to volunteer on a regular basis. Pat and her faithful canine companion Abby, were regarded as colourful characters at Volunteering Gold Coast. Pat was inducted as a Life Member for outstanding and meritorious service as both a paid and volunteer staff member of Volunteering Gold Coast.

John Hyman

Life Member

John joined Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services as a volunteer in 2003. His main role was a driver for the original Shopping Club service, and in the early days, he was joined by his wife Lorraine who would accompany him on the Thursday service to The Pines.

John has been both loyal and flexible in his support for Transport Services and his can do approach to driving has been a model for the vast number of drivers we have today. John was inducted as a Life Member for outstanding service as a volunteer staff member of Volunteering Gold Coast.

John Dennett

Life Member

John Dennett commenced as a volunteer driver with Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services in early 2004. John was a volunteer driver for the Shopping Club service in its early days and later, with the formation of the Transport Consortium, John joined the Anglicare team, transporting clients to centre based daycare.

In more recent years John has been a driver for the Shared Transport service. John is one of a colourful group of drivers who epitomise the Volunteering Gold Coast values of ensuring our clients have fun. John was inducted as a Life Member for outstanding service as a volunteer staff member of Volunteering Gold Coast.

Sandra Sutherland

Life Member

From the time of her first appointment until her retirement in June 2017, Sandra epitomised the notion of services to the community, the organisation and her team.

It was Sandra’s commitment to transport clients that inspired and motivated Australia’s first community transport consortium. Her acumen and dedication excited government and all players in transport. Much of the national recognition for our work is due to Sandra.

Sandra is loved and respected by everyone within the team and all who connected with her across the community. She is sadly missed by everyone who worked with her and greatly deserves this Life Membership recognition.

Peter Mark

Life Member

Peter Mark has contributed more than 20 years of service including the Vice President, and is currently President. As the Gold Coast Home and Community Care (HACC) Area Manager, Peter’s support and ideas were critical in the establishment of Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services.

Peter’s capacity to understand organisational behaviour and leadership in a dynamic organisation and establishing an inclusive culture, have been crucial elements to the success of Volunteering Gold Coast.

Peter’s understanding of the need for community services has moulded a legacy which has reaped great rewards in both volunteering and transport. We recognise Peter with this induction as a Life Member for outstanding service as a volunteer staff member of Volunteering Gold Coast.

Joy-Anne Fisher

Life Member

Joy-Anne was appointed to the Volunteering Gold Coast Management Committee in October 2007.
Her tireless involvement with the organisation has seen many changes.
Her passion and experience within the not for profit sector has been beneficial in Volunteering Gold Coast embracing change and identifying the need for innovation and community market share.

Joy-Anne continued her family’s legacy with the organisation. By supporting the Board Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Board Directors, Joy-Anne is a pivotal member of the Board as Vice President.

Joy-Anne’s dedication to the organisation for over 13 years is the catalyst of her becoming a Life Member. In 2017 Joy-Anne was made a Life Member of Volunteering Gold Coast.

Anita Brennan

Life Member

Anita was an inaugural member of the Volunteering Gold Coast Board of Directors and served various capacities during her 16 years of service. Anita’s advocacy for community organisations ensured that there was always a voice for our clients and members.

As the Manager of Southern Gold Coast 60s and Better, Anita was able to shape Volunteering Gold Coast with a strong community focus ensuring we kept with our grass roots within the community. Her ability to be objective meant there was always a place for innovation and growth in the organisation.

Anita served until 2013 when she retired, and is recognised as a Life Member for her outstanding service as a volunteer of Volunteering Gold Coast.

Jason Hayden

Life Member

Jason’s period of leadership as President of Volunteering Gold Coast enabled the organisation to enhance its community driven reputation, adopting strong business practices. Jason’s strength as a leader and his ability to encourage and galvanise the vision and energy of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, led to a substantial increase in services and significant improvement in the quality of services provided.

His leadership saw Volunteering Gold Coast win a cluster of regional, state and national business and not-for-profit excellence awards. His guardianship also saw Volunteering Gold Coast Inc. become Australia’s largest volunteer resource centre. Jason is inducted as a Life Member for outstanding service as a volunteer staff member of Volunteering Gold Coast.


Dorothy Williams OAM

Life Member

Dorothy has been widely acclaimed in the Gold Coast community for her vision and foresight as the founder of Volunteering Gold Coast Inc. Over the years, as the unofficial mother figure of the organisation, Dorothy has nurtured and supported countless staff and managers to ensure the entire team met the challenges of their community development roles. As the CEO of FSG Australia Dorothy established the fledgling volunteer resource centre which has now become the largest in the Australian volunteering sector. Dorothy was Volunteering Gold Coast Inc.’s inaugural President and her guidance and support for the Board of Directors and managers of the organisation are regarded as the forefront of community development. The legacy Dorothy has left the Gold Coast can be seen in the exceptional culture of our organisation today and she was inducted as a Life Member for outstanding service as a volunteer staff member of Volunteering Gold Coast Inc.

John Muller

Life Member

John has volunteered with Volunteering Gold Coast for over 12 years. He has been instrumental in developing the Community Liaison Department as well as creating huge awareness of the Volunteering Gold Coast brand and services. He has tirelessly worked on major campaigns including International Day of People With Disabilities, and has been the instigator in building lifelong partnerships with hospitals, RSL’s and clubs, Probos and more on the Gold Coast. John’s hugely successful career as Managing Director of Terrafirma Consulting, Personnel Manager at Coles, National Operations Manager at Ella Bache to name a few, has put him in high demand. Specialising in Human Resources, Training and Development, Behavioural Change, Business Innovation and more. Volunteering Gold Coast are so grateful for his passion, creativity and strategic contribution to the organisation.

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