Gold Coast Volunteer of the Year

Gold Coast Volunteer Awards 2020




Please note: Judges will be looking for any significant, inspiring or outstanding achievements made by the volunteer, their generosity of time, resources and energy and their commitment to the Gold Coast community.
Terms and Conditions for the 2020 Gold Coast Volunteer Awards – NVW
1. All nominees must agree to the below terms and conditions to be a part of the Gold Coast Volunteer Awards.
2. The National Volunteer Week (NVW) Gold Coast (GC) Volunteer Awards are held to reward and recognise volunteers, not for profit organisations and organisations with diversity and inclusion initiatives on the Gold Coast. It is the only event of its kind on the Gold Coast and organised by Volunteering Gold Coast (VGC).
3. Sponsorship Packages are available for corporates and are validated via a signed contract.
4. There are six categories including i) Gold Coast Volunteer of the Year, ii) Gold Coast Youth Volunteer of the year (18 years and under), iii) Gold Coast Project of the year, iv) Gold Coast Corporate Social Impact Award of the year, v) Gold Coast Organisation of the Year, vi) Gold Coast Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year. Anybody can nominate and each nominee must be relevant and aligned to the category they have been nominated for.
5. All entries are reviewed by the Volunteering Gold Coast marketing team to ascertain authenticity and eligibility.
6. Entries are then reviewed by a Volunteering Gold Coast Board Member, an internal staff member and an external partner that have no relation to the entrants. A preliminary review of all entrants will take place. The top five from each category that has been agreed upon by the reviewers, will be forwarded to the judges for judging. This review will only take place if there are six or more nominees in a category.
7. Winners are based on a judging panel score card, not by a voting process. One person may be nominated more than once for the same or multiple categories providing their relevance to the category they have been nominated for.
8. There are six judges including two board members, two VGC staff and two external judges.
9. The judge’s decisions are final and cannot be altered, unless a defamatory or criminal circumstance has been identified or if submissions are deemed to be fabricated or false.
10. The judging process is based on a score card. The five selected entries as stated previously, are then submitted to each judge, whereby each judge must score each entry, for each category. The judge’s comments and scores are final and if a tie takes place, the judges will need to reconvene to make the final decision.
11. The top three finalists are announced at the award night, with the overall winner presented their award at the event. All finalists are expected to be at the Gold Coast Volunteer Award Gala Dinner to be held Friday 22 May 2020. If unable to attend, a representative of the finalist must attend.
12. Each finalist and winner are given certificates. The winners are given a trophy and a prize. The prizes for each winner are donated by our sponsors.
13. VGC shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the prize except for liability which cannot be excluded by law.
14. The prizes are not redeemable for cash, or transferrable to third parties.
15. Each nominee must agree to the nomination submitted and permit their information to be used in marketing collateral.
16. Each nominee’s personal information is collected to enable VGC to administer and promote the Gold Coast Volunteer Awards, the nominees, finalists and the winners.
17. By providing personal information you agree to receiving VGC e-newsletters or electronic direct mail about their products and services.
18. Each nominee’s personal information will not be given to any third party, unless personally contacted and agreed upon. For example, the media wanting to interview the nominee.
19. All information collected by nominees will be only used by Volunteering Gold Coast to promote, advocate and communicate about volunteering, unless otherwise agreed upon by the nominee.
20. All nominees become the property of VGC. As such, VGC is the owner of all copyright and other intellectual property in the award process.
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