Become a Corporate Partner Today

12 month subscription

Corporate Partner Membership – 12 month subscription

$495.00 inc. GST for 1 year

Becoming a Corporate Partner will create many opportunities for your organisation. You’ll increase productivity, engage employees, empower your staff, improve team synergy and give people a true sense of contribution. Build your brand through community investment and social impact. Share your success with your customers and shareholders.

What is a Corporate Partner?
By supporting one of the largest non for profit organisations on the Gold Coast you will gain access to hundreds of charities that need support. A corporate partner can provide a customised volunteer support network that will not only assist these charities but also increase your market share through community investment and social impact.

Why should I become a Corporate Partner?
You will develop a social conscience for your organisation and be considered an Employer of Choice. You will increase productivity, engage employees, empower your staff, improve team synergy and give people a true sense of contribution.

Is this measurable?
Yes. Everything you access through our Corporate Partner program is measured by an independent social evaluation platform and a third party who will evaluate and measure your social impact. Very helpful for your annual reports and reporting to your shareholders.

Can I sponsor specific events with naming rights?
Yes. As a Corporate Partner you will be offered the opportunity to sponsor Volunteering Gold Coast’s special events that run throughout the year. From our flagship event ‘Gold Coast Volunteer Awards’ during National Volunteer Week, as well as International Volunteer Day celebrations and International Day of People With Disability.

Is there help setting this up, especially if it is all new to our company?
Yes. You will be allocated an account manager who deals with you personally, with a sound knowledge of our members and can customise a volunteer concept that suits your organisation’s needs. You will be provided with expert advice that ensures your organisations needs are met.

How much is it?
It is only $495 annually and an automatically role over after the 12 months expires. Payments can be made online for your convenience, or an invoice for EFT payment can be created upon request.

Is it just volunteering or are there other services we can utilise?
We have many services that your company can benefit from. Including customised workshops and seminars we hold onsite at your premises. All you need is a meeting room or area for the workshop/seminar to be held. Workshop topics vary. Anything from CPR training, to work life balance, domestic violence, cyber bullying and so much more. We can tailor something that suits your employee’s needs. The workshops and seminars are an additional price and vary slightly depending on the topic/accreditation.

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