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Random Acts of Kindness Day: Ways you can bring a smile to someone’s face

Have you ever stopped to smell flowers, give someone a compliment, or be kind for no reason? I bet you have, but how did it make you feel? The answer may surprise you; research has shown that being kind is actually good for your health. That sounds pretty cool if you ask us.


Here are some random acts of kindness that will be sure to make anyone smile. No special skills required – just a positive outlook!


Pick up any rubbish you see: ​Unfortunately, people still litter and it’s as easy as picking it up and putting it in the trash. If you see trash whilst you are out and about, pick it up and dispose of it correctly. Simultaneously helping cleaners, the environment and teaching others the right thing to do.

​Help someone struggling with their grocery bags: What may be an easy task for some others will struggle with. Offer to help carry someone’s grocery bags to their car, they’ll really appreciate the help. 

Pass along a compliment: A compliment is the easiest way to put a smile on someone’s face. Compliment their fashion sense, their eyes, how nice their handwriting is or 

Pick or buy some flowers for someone you care about (or even a stranger): Flowers are almost magical at letting someone know you’re thinking of them or just that you care. 

random acts of kindness to make someone smile

Donate old clothes or belongings: Something you don’t need could really help someone in need, so take this time to clean out your wardrobe or your belongings you don’t use anymore. For instance, old books you haven’t picked up in years or non-perishable food you don’t want. 

Put coins or help someone pay for their parking meter: We all know how annoying it can be if you can’t get the parking meter to work for you or if you’re out of coins and the machine will only take cash. If you see someone’s space is about to expire why not help them out? I’m sure they’ll greatly appreciate not getting that parking ticket! 

Smile at someone who looks like they need it: You never really know what someone is going through and all it takes sometimes is a smile to improve someone’s day. You could be the reason why their day wasn’t completely terrible or you made a good day even better. Another reason to put a smile on your dial!


These are just a few ideas of what you could do to put a smile on someone’s face…in addition even your own. So, what are you going to start with? All it takes are just a few acts of random kindness to make a difference. 

So you want to help by volunteering? Click here to see all available volunteering opportunities. 

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