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Volunteer Profile: Bob

Anyone who has ever met Bob will comment on just how nice and friendly he is, and his passion for helping others and working with Volunteering Gold Coast is evident. That level of enthusiasm and eagerness is just what we love to see in our volunteers.

Bob has a history of volunteering and started volunteering at numerous museums like the Gold Coast Historical Museum before hearing about VGC, “I saw the role that was advertised online, it looked pretty promising and I’m very glad I did. I get to work with great charities.” When asked about what his favourite part about working for VGC is he says, “working with a charity called ‘Walk With Us’ helping them organise their Christmas hamper drive. Last Christmas was helping organisations to donate and collect the goods needed for it. It was a great experience.”

Bob’s role with VGC is working as the interface between members and VGC, “I help our members who are looking for volunteers to assist them in their organisations and advertising it through social media with our marketing department. Helping them get some good exposure for being able to source the volunteers they need.” As for why people should volunteer like he did Bob has a very simple answer for that, “Do it, just like Nike says, just do it. You won’t regret it.” A simple message and a great one!

Bob has been volunteering with VGC now for over a year and has genuine care for all the organisations he helps. It is shown by the time and effort he puts in every single day he arrives at the office. When asked what life advice or motto he lives by I was fascinated to find out he has an incredible story himself.

“Live life to the fullest because you only get one of them. Although that’s not true I am technically on my second one as I actually died once.” Intrigued and confused by this, Bob continues, “Back in 2011 I had a heart attack on the train coming back from the football, I was so lucky there was an off duty paramedic and an off duty fireman standing right next to me as it happened. They kept me alive for 17 minutes until the ambulance arrived and there was no heartbeat the whole time.” Although a traumatic experience Bob tells it with humour and a fondness of how lucky he is, “so maybe my quote isn’t that good and you do get two lives.”

With an experience like that it’s understandable how fond he is of giving back and his love for history. Aside from volunteering Bob is heavily interested in genealogy which is tracing his family history. “It was something I started doing with my father when he got into the later part of his life, and then when he lost his vision I took over the role and sort of became his eyes. It was something we did together and when he passed away I just continued. It’s really interesting and it gives you a really good insight into how people lived back then.”

Bob talks about the history and his family with such passion and you can see just how much of a family man he is especially when he talks about spending his time juggling volunteering, family research and spending quality time with his wife, children and grandchildren. Volunteering is as much of a passion as is his others and we are so glad to have Bob here at VGC helping all the organisations find their much-needed volunteers. We can’t wait to see what other great things you do at VGC Bob!

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