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Volunteer Profile: Gillian Reid

A self-proclaimed real estate junkie and all about wearing your personality like a badge of honour, we could only be talking about the lovely Gillian Reid. Gillian started off with us as a volunteer at VGC and has given so much of her time she is now one of our valuable paid staff members. She believes in treating people with the kindness and heart that you would like to be treated, as to how you treat someone and leave them feeling is a trademark of who you are as a person.


Let’s get to know Gillian and why she first started volunteering:

How long have you been at Volunteering Gold Coast?

It will be five years this September.


Why did you start Volunteering with VGC?

I was looking for a volunteer position and contacted VGC on their website. A transport phone receptionist position was on offer.


Your favourite part about volunteering?

The people. I have met some wonderful people and after being with the company for 6 months was given the opportunity to do my current job as an outing coordinator for our senior clients. My job involves working with a support team, and reliable staff to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.


What does your job include at VGC?

I have the opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives. Providing social outings all over the Gold Coast and across the NSW border. I visit all venues and provide a risk assessment on each location prior to organising the day’s outing.  I, therefore, meet some fabulous people in the hospitality industry that I work with to create a special day.


What would you tell others to get them interested in volunteering?

If they have a void in their own life that needs a boost, take the opportunity to find the pleasure of sharing their own talents to help others enjoy their expertise. It’s a win win.


Now a little bit about you. What do you do in your free time? Hobbies?

I am a beach lover, dog lover, wine lover and food lover. I am also a real estate junkie and visit home opens in my spare time to keep up with the market (most agents in Surfers Paradise know me!!). I also love browsing homeware and furniture shops. I have lived in every state of Australia except ACT and Tasmania. This has provided me with a wonderful mix of friends across the states. No surprise that I also get a lot of visitors here on the Goldie to get me into trouble.


Advice to live by?

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark


Favourite country to visit?

New York was one of my favourite getaways. Ireland is on my wish list


Favourite food and drink?

Seafood and Brown Brothers Prosecco

If you ever see one of our VGC buses with a large group of people in it, chances are that it’s the Social Outings that Gillian looks after. As mentioned above Gillian visits many venues and locations and determines if they will bring value and entertainment to our clients. Our clients get a choice of different outings every month and our lovely volunteer drivers will take them out for the day to these chosen locations. Gillian works hard to ensure there are locations and activities of interest for everyone. You can see the real passion she has for helping and making a difference in our clients’ lives. Thank you Gillian for all the work you do, it never goes unnoticed.

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