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Terms & Conditions

Please read through the following terms and conditions and provide the relevant information. You will need to agree to these terms & conditions in order for your organisation to become a member of Volunteering Gold Coast (VGC).

1. Your responsibility:


  • Your organisation is responsible for your own actions and not an agent of VGC
  • You do not have any authority to represent VGC, unless agreed to by VGC.
  • Volunteer positions are not permitted to be that of what a paid role suggests.
  • VGC reserves the right to advise you, and refuse to publish a volunteer position if the volunteer position is deemed as inappropriate for a volunteer to do.

2. Legal requirement – submitting and maintaining current insurance policies 


  • You will need to have current public liability insurance and personal accident insurance for volunteer workers;
  • Please provide VGC, on an annual basis, copies of the certificates of currency for the policies.
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions you will provide VGC with your current insurance policies within two weeks of renewing or commencing your VGC membership. Your organisation is not permitted to have VGC volunteers working with you until your current insurance certificates have been provided to VGC. 

3. What VGC is responsible for:


  • VGC agrees it is responsible for providing the following information to a prospective volunteer –
    • The details shown on your job profile and the job description form.
    • You agree that your organisation as a VGC member is responsible for:
  • Validating the information given to VGC by a prospective volunteer; about the volunteer’s attributes and skills;
  • Deciding if a prospective volunteer has the appropriate attributes and skills to be engaged in work by the organisation; and
  • Supervising the work, monitoring the conduct and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of a volunteer working within the workplace; and
  • Entering into an appropriate agreement with a prospective volunteer before the volunteer is placed.
  • VGC will promote details about your organisation and volunteer jobs on websites and through media outlets.

4. Marketing Communications:

You agree that VGC is permitted to market and advertise on behalf of its members.

5. Providing VGC with feedback about volunteers

You agree to advise VGC by email or phone, within a reasonable period of time upon becoming a member, when a potential volunteer has been referred and placed through VGC’s services.

6. Events

If you are organising an event and require volunteers, the VGC Event Package will be most suitable for you. This is because there are additional resources required. You will receive a separate marketing package with additional services to promote your event. You are not permitted to subscribe to the Silver or Gold Membership Package if you are planning an event.  

Your details will not be given to any other agency without seeking your permission, except as required or authorised by law.