Our Team

John Gimpel

Acting Chief Executive 

John has extensive experience in CEO and senior executive roles in the healthcare and profit-for-purpose sector in Australia and New Zealand. With organisations that range from small start-ups and SMEs to country management within a leading Zurich listed global provider. As well as a variety of healthcare modalities in allied health, primary and specialist care.

For John, it’s all about the client, the patient, the participant, the customer…

To ensure the end experience is individualised and outstanding, takes a team of dedicated individuals aligned around agreed expectations and common, high values and standards operating within a structured approach that leaves little to chance. 

John’s focus is on leading by example, on challenging the VGC team to excel, to think laterally, and to ask “why not?”


Jo Jones

General Manager –
Community Services

Jo has been with Volunteering Gold Coast since 2008 and enjoys the diversity her role brings to the organisation. 

Starting as the Transport Services Coordinator she quickly embraced the strategic objectives and became a pivotal leader within the organisation.

Jo is responsible for both the Volunteering, Community Visitor Scheme Program and the Transport Services. Ensuring the Transport Services and the Transport Consortium is appropriately resourced, managing over 20 staff, as well as managing the volunteer services and programs.

Her teams in Volunteering and Transport Services work hard to ensure funding requirements are met and embrace the new services that VGC implement.  


Nicole Smith

General Manager –
Marketing & Communications

Nicole is passionate about supporting and engaging local community.  With over 20 years of marketing experience, she brings with her a wealth of expertise from the corporate sector. 

Nicole has worked comprehensively across a vast array of industries and brands. She is highly experienced, passionate and driven, with an abundance of knowledge to manage a driven Marketing Team.

Empowering her team with opportunities to be innovative, collaborative, impactful, inclusive and fearless, creates synergy and creativity that drives the marketing message and increases VGC’s market share. 

Thriving on a challenge, Nicole works with the local community, Not-For-Profits and corporate’s identifying areas where they can work collaboratively together to increase social impact.  

Jacqueline Justin

Chief Financial Officer

Jackie has extensive accounting, auditing and managerial experience. Being a qualified Accountant with a wealth of knowledge from the commercial sector, she is able to significantly contribute to improving and monitoring internal financial controls. 

Jackie joined the team in early 2016 and ensures the department produces timely and accurate management information to enable past and current performance to be measured and future plans to be implemented.

Jackie has both an interest and personal experience in volunteering and community engagement. She  brings her commercial expertise in to the Not-For-Profit sector and has  maximised efficiencies with excellent results.

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