Complaints & Compliments


How to make a complaint



How to provide us with a compliment.

Guiding Principles:

VGC is committed to ensuring that service recipients and their supporters are afforded all opportunities to provide feedback, provide a complement, or make a complaint. VGC will use such information to continuously improve their services.

Where a complaint is made, VGC will uphold the rights of the person to make the complaint and ensure that the complaint is managed and addressed with responsiveness, professional courtesy, confidentiality, safety, respect, fairness, open communication and understanding.

What Will Happen?

Volunteering Gold Coast is committed to resolving complaints in an ethical, confidential, timely, transparent and fair way. We view feedback as an opportunity to improve the quality of our services and to strengthen relationships with our clients and with our community.  

Complaints are treated confidentially. Only the people who need to help find a resolution will be involved. 


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