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Help us to ensure no one is left behind!

The Gold Coast has a 36-kilometre-long coastline of stunning white sand that most of us living here get to enjoy freely. But for people living with a disability, going to the beach is quite different.

For the past three years, Volunteering Gold Coast’s Accessible Beaches team of dedicated volunteers set up mats and wheelchairs each week during the summer patrolled season, making sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the beach.

Sadly, this program is no longer funded and we cannot continue our work without your help. Please consider making a donation so that people with disabilities and their families can continue to go out together as a family and be included in the main Gold Coast activity–going to the beach.

DONATE TODAY and help us to make our beaches inclusive next summer!

However much you can give, it will count towards genuine change for the people we support – now and in the future.

How does it work?

A team of dedicated volunteers will be on site each week to set up the mats and provide care and support, ensuring you have the best experience at the beach.

Our volunteers will be prepared with a range of different wheelchairs you can use which allow different levels of access depending on your preference and circumstances.

There’s no need to make a booking either – just turn up at your nearest participating beach during the allocated times and enjoy your day by the water!

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Why is it so important?

Keeping the Accessible Beaches program running is crucial for ensuring that everyone has equal access to our beaches and the ocean. This program helps to remove barriers that people with disabilities or mobility limitations may face, making it possible for them to enjoy the beach and the water safely and comfortably.

It also promotes inclusion and diversity, as it recognises and accommodates the needs of people with disabilities, allowing them to participate in recreational activities that they may otherwise be excluded from.

Additionally, the Accessible Beaches program can have positive economic impacts by attracting visitors with disabilities, their families, and caregivers, who may choose to stay in the area and spend money on local businesses.

Overall, Accessible Beaches is important for promoting social equity, fostering inclusion, and enhancing economic opportunities for communities.