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“Do good, feel good” What you give out, comes back to you.

On Saturday 17th September we hosted our Beach Cleanup and Mindfulness Morning in collaboration with Selfawear with the help of Humpbacks & High-Rises, and Whitney Geoghegan.

It was great to see so many people turn up to do their part for their community and environment whilst repping some awesome tees! There was something pretty special about seeing so many people turn up and want to help.

It was also great to see everyone in their limited edition Selfawear tees that promote giving back by volunteering. With over 70 people wearing the tee we definitely made quite a statement.

Selfawear x VGC T-shirt Collaboration

All sales go directly to supporting Volunteering in our community

Our goal is to promote more volunteering throughout Gold Coast and we are so excited to announce our collaboration with Selfawear with 100% of the proceeds of the t-shirts going to Volunteering programs to continue helping the community. We want to see as many people wearing these tops, let’s spread the message of volunteering and giving back! You can buy them here.

Photos and Recap of the Cleanup

Thank you to everyone that attended!

It was a great morning with over 43kg of rubbish collected! That’s a massive achievement!

To read all about what we collected click here to read the blog.

If you want to see the photos from the day please click here. 

How Volunteering Can Help Your Mental Health

Great for your mind and body

We’re so excited to see you all supporting volunteering and helping your environment and community with this beach cleanup and mindfulness morning. There are numerous benefits of volunteering and giving back though including creating a positive change for others, creating more confidence and connection to others, and skills that can be applied in education, training and everyday life. It can also help future employment and leave a lasting important impact on yourselves and your future. Read more of the benefits here.

Why looking after our oceans is so important

80% of Marine pollution is generated by land-based activities

As well as having a devastating effect on our oceans and environment it is directly threatening our marine animals and plants, some now rare and endangered. As most of our pollution comes from land-based activities it affects both land and water- with a large component being plastic rubbish. If not disposed of correctly our plastic use can reach out to sea where it affects marine life. Our environment is something we need to cherish and protect so let us come together and make a change.