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This Month: Budgeting

A budget is an empowering financial tool that can take control of your money and financial future. Watch this budgeting video from Westpac’s financial education experts, the Davidson Institute to discover the step-by-step process to successful budgeting. Plus, you’ll hear some great saving tips!

The Executive Series

We’re delighted to offer you a brand new online training program. The Executive Series is a diverse range of vlogs presented by experts. We’ll launch a new vlog each month that will help you to build capacity in your organisation or community. 

Part 1: Employee and Volunteer Engagement

Presented by James Fulford-Talbot, Co-founder of Vexamen

About James

James has had an extensive and interesting career forming, leading and managing organisations and businesses, initially in the British Army as an infantry officer, then in the commercial sector.

James finds purpose in helping people and organisations transform their mindset, optimise their performance, realise their potential and achieve their goals. Vexamen is the business he formed in 2019 to offer these services to organisations facing challenges.

In addition to his day job, James was the NSW Ambassador for the NFP Defence in Business, helping ex-servicemen maximise their potential, provides pro-bono coaching and mentoring for small, local businesses and ex-servicemen, has been a fundraising champion for Soldier On! He is also a volunteer firefighter, organises community events and takes his two miniature donkeys, Freddie and Mr Percival, to care home and trauma clinics.

Managing and Motivating Volunteers – Tips & Tricks

Provided by Donna Speltman from UniSports Australia


Have descriptive position descriptions

Be clear on the role you want the volunteer to undertake.

Set Expectations from the Start

The volunteer should know what they’re in for. 

Ensure a comprehensive induction

It is important that the volunteer is fully inducted into the organisation.


Prepare for volunteers coming into work

Don’t assume they know what to do and be prepared with work for them each day. 

Thank your volunteers each day they work

Always stop what you’re doing and face the volunteer to thank them for their work that day. 

Implement reward programs

Have a clear strategy of how you will reward volunteers. 


Communicate changes with transparency

Don’t surprise volunteers with change, keep them informed. 


Encourage questions

Promote a “no question is a bad question” culture, one that they feel comfortable in asking questions. 

Check in regularly on progress

Don’t just leave a volunteer alone, check they are going ok and allow them to raise any issues they might be having


Ask for feedback

Volunteers have tremendous backgrounds and experience, they can be an asset to advance your event, program or work place

Become a Social Change Leader

Let us help you with professional development and volunteer training support 

Our ability to offer training has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. We are working on innovative ways to bring you training going forward. In the meantime, if there is an interest in training, we will plan to run small group training on the topics below:

  • CPR and First Aid
  • Motivating and Managing Volunteers
  • Social Media and Content Creation
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Your Choice: Contact us to let us know what you would like us to offer.

Training Topics Include:


Boards & Committees

Social Enterprise

Digital Marketing

Finance Management

Programs, Projects & Services

Leadership & Human Resources

Systems & Compliance

 We invite you to talk to our team about your training needs.

Get in touch so we can support your personal and organisational development and help you reach your social change goals

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