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Diversity Models Profile

Empowering Diversity: The Beauty of Uniqueness

Diversity Models is a modelling agency that takes a fresh approach to the traditional world of modelling. Their models reflect a positive variety of cultures, ages, and physiques, and their goal is to help businesses create a true image of diversity and support for diversity of customers. Monique Jeremiah is the Director of the agency and has a background in volunteering herself, helping kickstart professional careers and mentoring those who are interested in marketing, PR and social media stating that, “the decision to be involved in volunteering has to come from a place of kindness and not expecting anything in return.”

Diversity Models was a finalist in our Gold Coast Volunteer Awards 2022 in our Diversity and Inclusion Initiative category and they continue to be a leading advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the modelling industry.

VGC: Tell us a little bit about Diversity Models and what you do there:  

Monique: Diversity Models is a modelling agency specialising in casting multicultural, curve and mature-aged models on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne for content shoots for businesses in the lifestyle, fashion, beauty and healthcare industries. The agency aims to bring naturally beautiful everyday models who are relatable and body confident to businesses that value diversity in their marketing and branding. I started the business in July 2022 as I realised there was a need to highlight the beauty of diversity.

Why was it important for you to start Diversity Models:

Diversity Models intentionally aims to break the modelling industry and change what is considered beautiful. Purposefully the agency fills the gap in the modelling industry by deliberately hiring and placing diverse models in photographic and video-based modelling projects to match the appearance of businesses’ ideal everyday customers. Thus our models are not plastic or fake looking, not typical catwalk material, but are real people who are naturally beautiful. Our models are confident and beautiful in their own way and we allow people who never thought they would be able to be models into the industry and encourage them to thrive. Most of our models are also entrepreneurs and from business backgrounds, therefore they are also highly motivated, marketing-minded and very easy to work with. We remove ego from the modelling environment.

Therefore the agency is a win-win for business clients and our models.

In what ways has volunteering helped you develop new skills or improve existing ones?

I have been a volunteer mentor in many programs over the years including Griffith University Mentoring Program and Journalism Internship Program and the WIL program at both Deakin University Melbourne and Griffith University Gold Coast. Most recently I now also mentor marketing interns from Melbourne colleges.  For me, it has been an excellent opportunity to hunt and train talent and kickstart the professional careers of students who would like to learn how to practically carry out marketing, PR and social media. I also sincerely love our interns and very often hire them after their internships to come to be part of my team. We also frequently hire international team members which complements our drive for diversity.

Can you share a specific moment or experience during volunteering that has left a lasting impact on you?

Back in 2014, I won the honour of Gold Coast Young Citizen of the Year for the Australia Day Awards. Being community-focused it was a very meaningful win for me. I won it because I spent a lot of time within the education sector, not only being a teacher (before modelling) but volunteering my time outside to help RTO and university students to recognise their potential. I used my business relationships, leadership and networking skills to influence and connect students to commercial opportunities that would boost their career prospects. I did this because I believe that along with being successful in business it is important to give back to society and encourage others to grow and succeed.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in volunteering but is unsure of where to start or how to get involved?

My advice would be to do an honest self-assessment and really think about what are your key skills and how you can use them to do good and help others. Remember the decision to be involved in volunteering has to come from a place of kindness and not expecting anything in return.

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