Meet Bryce U’Ren Founder of Super Max and Bryce

It’s not often you meet a child who blows you away with their dedication, motivation, and drive! You are about to do so. Bryce is the winner of the prestigious Youth Volunteer of the Year Award from the Gold Coast Volunteer Awards 2021. Bryce has inspired many and yet still remains so very humble. His … Read more

VGC Board Member – Alex Woodthorpe

Alex is a successful strategic advisor, certified Advisory Board Chair, and experienced CEO. Previously as an Executive Chairman within Asia Pacific, Alex’s expertise lies in global capital markets and investment banking. Specialising in growth focused new markets, as well as change and crisis management. While in Asia, Alex developed opportunities for less privileged children. His … Read more

VGC Board Member – Joy-Anne Fisher

Joy-Anne has been dedicated to supporting Volunteering Gold Coast. Inspired by her mother’s example of a lifetime of volunteering, Joy-Anne began donating her time to a youth group which continued for more than a decade. In 2007, she commenced her association with Volunteering Gold Coast. Serving as President from 2013 to 2016, Joy-Anne now serves … Read more

VGC Board Member – Peter Mark

Peter established Volunteering Gold Coast in 1998. He wanted to ensure community organisations had a service that recruited and supported volunteers and volunteer organisations. He was then instrumental in forming the transport services in 2002, after identifying the huge demand for supporting vulnerable people needing community transport. Peter has been a Board member since the … Read more

VGC Ambassador: Annabelle Stephenson

Annabelle Stephenson has been working in Hollywood for the past 10 years and more recently starred in Home and Away. Her strong ties to the Gold Coast and love for people and community was the deciding factor in moving back to her roots. Annabelle has always believed that a sense of community is what binds … Read more

VGC Ambassador: Nick Scott

It’s been said that Nick Scott is one of the most well-connected people on the Gold Coast. His generosity, easy-going nature, and business acumen have been a huge asset to Volunteering Gold Coast. Nick has long volunteered in various organisations and is also on the Board of many. Spending over thirty-seven years working in senior … Read more

Volunteer Profile: Diann Eadeh

Meet Kollosche Volunteer of the Year – Diann Eadeh Diann Eadeh is one of many outstanding volunteers who has been volunteering at various Not-For-Profits for many years. Diann is the winner of the highly recognised Kollosche Volunteer of the Year at the Gold Coast Volunteer Awards last December 2021. Like most volunteers, Diann is extremely … Read more

Volunteer Profile: Rick Smith

Volunteering Gold Coast’s (VGC) journey started with humble beginnings in 1998. As the only Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC) on the Gold Coast, VGC advertised volunteer positions and provided face to face interviews and volunteer placements for many Not-For-Profits on the Gold Coast. Four years later in 2002, VGC introduced a community transport service, driven by … Read more

Volunteer Profile: Bob

volunteer profile bob

Anyone who has ever met Bob will comment on just how nice and friendly he is, and his passion for helping others and working with Volunteering Gold Coast is evident. That level of enthusiasm and eagerness is just what we love to see in our volunteers. Bob has a history of volunteering and started volunteering … Read more

Volunteer Profile: Kerry Templeton

volunteer profile kerry

Kerry is no stranger to volunteering, in fact, she’s been volunteering for close to forty years! Starting with volunteering at her kids’ schools, helping with their sports teams, and any fundraising or community events — she loves to volunteer and simply can’t get enough of it. Kerry also has volunteered with Volunteering Gold Coast for … Read more