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Volunteer Profile: Diann Eadeh

Meet Kollosche Volunteer of the Year – Diann Eadeh

Diann Eadeh is one of many outstanding volunteers who has been volunteering at various Not-For-Profits for many years. Diann is the winner of the highly recognised Kollosche Volunteer of the Year at the Gold Coast Volunteer Awards last December 2021. Like most volunteers, Diann is extremely humble and does not like to blow her own trumpet. So we had to do this for her.

Since winning the Kollosche Volunteer of the Year 2021, have you changed in any way? Not in any particular way. Just more conscious of the tremendous amount of work ALL volunteers and their organisations across the spectrum contribute to our society. Where would we be as a caring society without them?

Has this opened any doors for your charity? The local government is far more aware of the extent of our contribution to the community’s welfare. We have access to a wider platform of contacts prepared to help us help others.

What drives you to continue with your amazing Not-For-Profit? If we don’t do what we do who would? The need is constant and varied. So many individuals “fall through the cracks” and St. John’s Crisis Centre hopes to be the “bridge” to guide each and every client to a safer pathway.

Where would you like to see your charity in 5 years’ time? Own or have rights to a dozen units on the Gold Coast for crisis accommodation to those escaping domestic violence as well as to those who are temporarily indigent. (The lack of affordable accommodation is a blight on our society.) The units would be used until we are able to transition such clients to the appropriate longer-term affordable houses and or units. There is a dearth of this type of support throughout the country. I would also like to see our centre become a “best practice” type of organisation that can assist other volunteer groups throughout the country in areas of DV, shelter, meal provision, and optimisation of funding.

Who influences you on your journey and why? The very people we are trying to help because you immediately experience their rekindling of hope when everything seemed lost to them.

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