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Denzel’s story – Community Visitor Scheme Volunteer

Making a Difference: Denzel’s Volunteering Experience with the Community Visitor Scheme

Volunteering is a powerful way to give back to the community and make a positive impact on people’s lives. For Denzel, his inspiration to become a volunteer came after watching a social experiment series on tv and since then he has been volunteering with the Community Visitor Scheme for almost 2 years, providing companionship and support to his buddy. In this profile, we’ll delve deeper into Denzel’s experience with volunteering, the importance of supporting volunteering, how volunteers can address community issues, and the lasting impact it can have on both the volunteer and the people they help.

VGC: What motivated you to become a volunteer for the Community Visitor Scheme, and how did you first get involved with Volunteering Gold Coast?

Denzel: I became interested in volunteering after watching a series on SBS called ‘Old people’s home for 4-year-olds’ which was a social experiment series that brought together isolated aged care and retirement home residents and pre-schoolers together. From this experiment, they found that these social interactions drastically improved the health and well-being of the residents and inspired me to become involved with a similar project around the coast. After a quick Google search, I came across the Community Visitors Scheme and have now been a part of it for almost 2 years!

What’s a usual visit involve?

A usual visit involves catching up with my buddy on our past week, sharing what we have been up to and then we will watch some tv together, reminiscence on old stories or play some of his favourite board games followed by coffee and biscuits.

Why is it important to support Volunteering?

It’s important to give back and provide help to others in need and the wider community. Volunteering is also very beneficial for the volunteer themselves as it provides a sense of purpose and great learning opportunities.

What are some of the biggest issues facing our community today, and how do you think volunteers can help address them?

An issue arising at the moment is the cost of living, which everyone in our community is having to face each day. With an organisation like Volunteering Gold Coast, a platform is provided for those in a position to help those in need and also provides a platform for those who need assistance to receive help. Volunteer programs such as food banks are crucial in dealing with rising costs of living and in assisting those who are struggling.

Can you share a specific moment or experience whilst volunteering that has left a lasting impact on you?

The first time my buddy remembered my name would be the most special moment. Having a buddy with dementia can be tricky at times and him remembering my name was not something that had crossed my mind, especially after only 3 visits! It made me realise the positive impact I was bringing to his days with my visits and was a great feeling.

What would you tell others to get them interested in helping with volunteering?

Volunteering is a great opportunity for anyone to become involved and make a difference in their community. It’s very beneficial in that you learn a lot about yourself and your community and it brings people together. It doesn’t take much time from your week at all and is very much worth the positive impact it brings.


Volunteering can be a life-changing experience, allowing individuals to connect with others, gain new skills and perspectives, and make a difference in their community. It provides an opportunity to step outside of oneself and contribute to something. And for those who may be feeling disconnected or lacking purpose, volunteering can provide a sense of belonging and fulfilment.

If you would like to volunteer as a Community Visitor Scheme volunteer you can apply and read more about it on our website. 

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