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How Volunteering can help the Community

Volunteering can have many benefits with data supporting it can increase your self-esteem, wellbeing and add purpose to your life and others. Therefore, this also can leave a positive impact on the people around. So how exactly does volunteering help the community?

Build connections to develop stronger relationships

They say happy people make other people happy, and this can be applied to volunteering. When we interact with others, the context in which our actions take place plays a major role in our behaviour. Engaging more within your community by bringing a service that is well received and needed can only boost and strengthen community morale and connect more people to each other. It allows people to meet new people and develop stronger relationships with others. From this it allows other social and mental health improvements such as confidence, protecting against stress, depression and loneliness, and increases empathy, social skills and happiness. 

Career Opportunities 

There are plenty of benefits for both sides and one that many may not realise is that volunteering can be a great way to find a new hobby or a new career path. It can reignite a passion you might have lost or it helped you find something you were really passionate about. You’ll learn to work effectively in diverse environments with different people, which is a valuable skill that employers look for in potential employees. With this, it can lead to you influencing others in the community with your newfound passion or job. 

Volunteering isn’t just something nice to do. It’s a powerful way to enhance your own life and the lives of others. As well as being a great experience, volunteering can help you develop valuable skills. You’ll meet new people, be helpful in your community, and feel good about yourself.

There aren’t enough positive words in the dictionary to explain how someone can positively impact their community through volunteering.

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