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Making a Difference: Steve Giles, Board Director  – Volunteering Gold Coast

Making a Difference: Steve Giles, Board Director  – Volunteering Gold Coast

What attracted you to becoming a Board Member of Volunteering Gold Coast?
I worked with Brad and the team in response to the Lismore floods, working with them on numerous occasions to mud out homes and help with the recovery. After seeing that devastation I felt a need to contribute more and on an ongoing basis. I discussed this with Brad and was invited to apply for a board position. I love that VGC is a local organisation and helps people in need every day of the week.

How has volunteering helped you grow as a person? I believe it is important for everyone to shift the focus from themselves and their own circumstances for the service of others. It gives us perspective and a sense of thankfulness for the good things we have. This is certainly the case for me.

Why is it important to support Volunteering? In addition to my previous response, I would add that need is all around us. Those who are blessed have an obligation to help those who are lacking. Doing this lifts us as individuals and as a community.

Can you share a specific moment or experience during volunteering that has left a lasting impact on you? The flood response was a seminal experience for me. Every homeowner I spoke to were thankful for our help, but also refused to act as victims, always pointing out that there was a neighbour with greater need. It struck me that this is always the case – regardless of our own situation, someone around us is in greater need. If people who have lost their homes and everything they own to floodwater can recognise this, what is stopping the rest of us from living with this attitude each day?

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in volunteering but is unsure? Just give it a try. Volunteer organisations are friendly and helpful, and the people you serve will always appreciate what you do for them.

How can volunteering enhance a business on the Gold Coast? Volunteering enhances your brand in the community, it helps build personal connections and team effectiveness and gives your employees a good feeling by doing something for others.

Volunteering can be a life-changing experience, allowing individuals to connect with others, gain new skills and perspectives, and make a difference in their community. It provides an opportunity to step outside of oneself and contribute to something. And for those who may be feeling disconnected or lacking purpose, volunteering can give a sense of belonging and fulfillment.

If you would like to volunteer you can read more about it on our website. 

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