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Nerang Country Paradise Parklands Profile

At Country Paradise Parklands, volunteering is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, providing a sense of purpose, routine, and teamwork.

Nerang Country Paradise Parklands is a hidden gem that stands out as a truly distinctive venue. It is owned by the council but managed by the community, making it a rare and exceptional parkland. Volunteers play an integral role in the parkland’s day-to-day operations, contributing to everything from gardening to carpentry and restoration work. The parkland’s success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. In this interview, we speak to the parkland’s volunteer coordinator Robert Paul and volunteer Alison. Robert works tirelessly to coordinate the volunteers, making sure that they have all the necessary tools and resources to carry out their work effectively. Alison is a volunteer herself, contributing her time and expertise to help maintain and improve the parkland.

VGC: Tell us a little bit about Nerang Country Paradise Parklands:  

Robert Paul: Well, Country Paradise Parklands is unique because it’s a council-owned venue, but the community manages it. We have many different groups here from the Mens Shed to the Shiela Shack, to Healing Hoves and gardening groups and we’re all volunteers.

How many volunteers do you have there?

We have nine volunteers here (in my group), and there are probably another twenty volunteers throughout the complex. There’s no paid staff here and we’ve got volunteers here that do carpentry work, restoration, gardening, weeding, and painting. We try to have variation, so one day you could be doing weedding and the next day you’re mowing or preparing the venue for a wedding or a function. No two days are the same!

Why do you think it’s important to have volunteers at places like this?

I think if you ask any volunteer; it has a purpose, there’s a routine, there’s acceptance, teamwork and people here will feel respected and valued. It’s very satisfying to give and it’s just a lovely atmosphere here.

How has Volunteering Gold Coast helped you obtain volunteers?

Well initially VGC vets the candidates and we’ve always got a vacancy here in one area or another. VGC will reassure the candidate that is a good venue to participate in and see if there’s a similar interest in the volunteer. VGC always bring great people that they can recommend.

Can you explain an issue where volunteers have had to come together?

From time to time although there are individual projects here there are opportunities where there are large projects that need to be coordinated. A perfect example of that would be where we’ve got to plant out an area and we might have 70-100 volunteers come in to help. Some volunteers are here regularly but also people that are members of different groups and they’ll come here and do 3-4 hours in mass and plant out hundreds of trees, then we’ll have a bbq and have a good time.

Why should people volunteer?

It’s not an easy question to answer, volunteering is a buzz, and you get more out of it than what you give believe me! It’s very satisfying, you’re part of a group, you can see what’s being achieved both working as an individual and also as part of a workgroup. There’s a lot of reliance on each other, team building, we learn to respect each other, there’s a routine, there’s a commitment and there’s a result.

We also spoke to Alison a volunteer with Nerang Country Paradise about what it means to be a volunteer and what she gets out of it. 

VGC: Why do you volunteer?

Alison: I am in my sixties and felt like I’d to be involved in something where I was giving back to the community, and I’ve always enjoyed gardening so it feels like the ideal situation to come to.

What would you tell someone that’s thinking about volunteering?

Personally, for me it gives me a purpose, I enjoy coming here and the people that work here are all very supportive of each other so there’s a social element to it. It’s rewarding to see the work that you’ve done and how things improve, so I think there are a lot of reasons for volunteering that are positive.

What are your usual tasks at Nerang Country Paradise Parklands as a volunteer?

I do a variety of things here, most of my time is spent gardening but there have been times when I’ve done cleaning, and painting, and sometimes we work together as a team.

How did you find out about this role?

I originally found it through Volunteering Gold Coast, then I went and had a look at the Parklands and met Robert and I just went from there and I’m so glad I did!


As we’ve learned from this interview, volunteering at the parklands provides a sense of fulfilment and offers various opportunities for different skill sets. Whether you enjoy gardening, restoration work, or just want to contribute to the community, there’s something for everyone. The importance of volunteers at Nerang Country Paradise Parklands cannot be overstated. Without them, the parkland would not be able to operate at the level of excellence that it does. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Volunteering Gold Coast to learn more about volunteer opportunities and join the team of dedicated volunteers who make Country Paradise Parklands a unique and vibrant venue.

Click here to view current volunteer opportunities at Nerang Country Paradise Parklands. 

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