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Promoting Diversity and Social Change: How Robina Town Centre is Making a Difference

We spoke with Ashlee from Robina Town Centre about their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the Gold Coast community. Robina Town Centre is a beloved gathering place for the Gold Coast community, and they understand the importance of fostering a strong and inclusive community. They have taken steps to support social change, protect the environment, and provide opportunities for those within the community. Through their partnerships with organizations like LIVIN, Support Mates, and Volunteering Gold Coast, Robina Town Centre has become a pillar of the Gold Coast community. Robina Town Centre is more than just a shopping centre, it is a place where people come together to connect, share experiences, and build a stronger community.


VGC: Tell us a little bit about Robina Town Centre and what you do for the community:

Ashlee: As a pillar of the Gold Coast community, Robina Town Centre understands the importance of fostering a strong and inclusive community and implementing innovative ways to help drive social change, protect our local environment and support those within it. We are proud to have long-standing partnerships with the likes of LIVIN, Volunteering Gold Coast, Support Mates, Mudgeeraba State Special School and Animal Welfare League QLD,  and newly formed relationships with the traditional custodians of Bundjalung Nation, and through our Reconciliation Action Plan, are committed to partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and communities to co-create meaningful relationships, opportunities and activities in-centre.


What is RTC doing to improve inclusion and diversity?

As a gathering place for the community, Robina is committed to enhancing the ability for all visitors and staff of the centre to feel ‘at home’ when stepping foot through the doors.

In line with our commitment, Robina introduced a fully inclusive amenities block in May 2022. Together with these upgraded amenities and parents’ room, an all-gender bathroom was created alongside an accredited ‘Changing Places’ adult change facility. This facility provides local families and carers with the opportunity to participate in outings without exclusion. With this facility now on offer at the centre, we have widened the boundaries experienced by people with severe physical disabilities, giving them a greater choice of places to visit.

Robina Town Centre is also a proud member of ACON’s Welcome Here Project, and as a member we: Welcome and include the LGBTIQ+ community, wanting everyone to feel welcomed and accepted every time they visit our centre. We help create positive change in our local community and we actively celebrate LGBTIQ+ diversity, embracing and valuing diversity and celebrating days of significance.

How have you seen volunteering help your organisation?

Whilst not directly, Robina Town Centre sees thousands of volunteers through the doors weekly. Whether they’re on seniors outings, assisting those with needs or Christmas Gift wrappers, the centre is delighted to host these occasions within the community.


Why is it important to support Volunteering?

Volunteers are such an integral part of our Gold Coast community. Passionate, caring and extremely selfless, they assist in promoting social change which only helps benefit the wider community in ensuring members have access to services they need.


Can you share a specific moment or experience during your time at RTC that has left a lasting impact on you?

Valentine’s Day 2019 we partnered with LIVIN to hand out over 100 roses to customers in the centre. The pure joy and delight on customers’ faces is something that will stick with me for a long time to come. It’s amazing how such a small gesture can absolutely make someone’s day, week or even year. Kindness makes the world go round!


It is clear that Robina Town Centre is an important part of the Gold Coast community, and they are committed to making a positive impact for years to come. We look forward to seeing how Robina Town Centre continues to drive positive change and contribute to the vibrant Gold Coast community.

Don’t hesitate to contact Volunteering Gold Coast to learn more about volunteering opportunities and how you can get involved in special events that involve Robina Town Centre. 

Click here to head to Robina Town Centre’s website or head to their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date.

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