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Celebrating 30 years of service with the Community Visitor Scheme

It’s something we may not consider but isolation and loneliness is a major problem within the elderly community. A simple chat and visit can really make all the difference. That is why the Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) is so important for our community and 2022 marks its 30th year helping and supporting the elderly in Australia.

Fully funded by the Australian Government the CVS was founded to improve the quality of life and reduce isolation by matching an individual with a volunteer. Volunteering Gold Coast has proudly been a part of the scheme for over six years now and the change we see in the individuals is truly life-changing.

In today’s age, we can be often so caught up in our world rushing around from place to place that we don’t stop and take notice of the ones that are left behind in this busy changing world. This program is so important because it not only brings people together but it’s also so beneficial. Especially to those that have little contact with friends or relatives. A simple conversation can change someone’s entire outlook on their day.

Including one-on-one time with someone, building a relationship and having common interests can really help someone mentally and physically. VGC has helped and matched many individuals with our fantastic volunteers for nearly four years now. We hope to continue these amazing efforts and continue providing the much-needed support and companionship to those who need it.

Read more here about how the CVS and why it’s so beneficial or head to our website to apply to be a volunteer or individual matched. 


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